a dose of laughter......

They call themselves The Doctor clowns..........
A little smile is what they share.....
happiness they bring......
Bubbles and Balloons are their weapons....
Children are their friends.......
Clouds is where they reside....

The curtain raiser......
Dreamz unlimited.......
dancing to the tune....
shaking a leg ......
Dr. Lambuuu with the children of heaven
Dose of laughter therapy.....
Dr.Brush Buddha
Dr.mamu with shambhoooo
Dr. Shmbhoo and Dr.Bobo
Dr. crazy

Dr.B-clown......the child within.....

"The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.” Mark Twain

the venue: Alliance Francaise de bangalore
the date: 7th june,08
weblink : http://docteurclownindia.tripod.com/

Docteur Clown India started in 2006 in bangalore.It was started by a French lady Severine more known as Dr.Rose. The group has now around 15 members[Indian and French] who go around different hospitals once a week and bring some smile to the sick children.The web link for Doctor clown India for donation and contact is http://docteurclownindia.tripod.com/

Its really divine feeling altogether to see smile and happiness in little children's faces. All one can do is to say all the best to the team and hope that it spreads from place to place. And the world can a better place to live in.......

Miss Rose with cancer patients......


Om Beach......

“Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.”

Ayn Rand

The Route :
Gokarna is about 453 km from Bangalore, 240 km north of Mangalore and about 59 km from Karwar. It is between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers and situated along the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea. It is near to college towns Suratkal and Manipal.

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls”

Kahlil Gibran

“If I ever reach heaven I expect to find three wonders there: first, to meet some I had not thought to see there; second, to miss some I had expected to see there; and third, the greatest wonder of all, to find myself there........”


more info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gokarna



The Great Conversation....

Well Guys....Einstein,the father of Relativity.....and Rabindranath Tagore, the great Poet, philosopher,writer were face to face , on july 14,1930.The Two greats were from completely different world......both Noble Laureates.....And proven on their chosen field.....met and discussed different things....exchanged views on different subjects starting from Existence...music...science and maths.....It was truly on of the great and interesting conversations......

I am giving the links below of their great conversation and hope You guys will find Interesting ........



Unheard voices

As I walk along the lonely path,
the path of Life ,
path of dreams,
in total solitude,
discovering the world around me
amazing and beautiful,
full of joy and happiness,
tiny and mighty alike,
a harmonious co-existence.
While appreciating the beauty around
I come across those
moments,those unheard voices
of silent pains,of unending sufferings,
tinier than the tiny,
probably the tiniest,
those suppressed groans
lost in the glitz of life
crying out silently,
a melancholic discovery
a voice within
so silent, yet existing.


"watching those drops of rain"

As the misty dark cloud covered the night
little drizzle, like tear drops, tenderly
falling from the dark sky,
no sign of those yellow stars
no sign of silvery moon tonight,
probably hiding somewhere
for reasons unknown;
As I lay beneath this wood ,
watching those drops of rain,drops of tear
I remember those moments with you,
An eagerly awaited rendezevous
after some seven stars and seven moon
both speechless and shy, only
a smile, a precious smile from you
expressed everything on your side;
Sitting on a bench in that leafy green park
as the cloud gathered dark,
beneath the oak,beneath the pine
sharing a flowery umbrella
drizzling drop by drop
time passed by
flowing like the river
neither you nor could I freeze time forever;
As I lay beneath this wood tonight
watching those drops of rain,drops of tear
I remember those moments with you;
Sensing the pain of the dark sky tonight
watching those drops of rain,drops of tear
silence and only silence
we passed the night consoling each other.


"right to fight".......!!!!!!!

The crowd gathered outside defying law,
protesting, shouting slogans,
breaking barricades,demanding
their right, 'right to fight' .

"Fight"," fight", screaming
marching forward
closing down shutters
pelting stones
turning violent.

As another crowd marched forward
from the other side of the street
attacking each other
fighting to satisfy their 'soul'
satisfying their 'gods'.

The men in green charged
the defaulters,the protestors,
beating wildly,dispersing them
with the order of their masters
a chaos in sight
it went from dawn to dusk
until a little boy fell silent
with no names,no one around
revealing only innocence,
the crowd gathered around the cold body
trying to identify him, his religion ,
to satisfy their demoniac soul.....!

Is there an end to this madness ?
probably yes , probably no........

[ these thoughts were inspired from a true incident....which took place in Bangalore,India....when two groups of different religious communities fought each other in the name of religion.....in which an innnocent was shot dead......what was his fault....?is it that he belonged to some particular religion....when will this end........?????? CAN'T WE LIVE WITHOUT RELIGION.....!!!!!!!!!!!! ]


The call......

couple of pages from the diary of Mr.XYZ...........

Monday ,7:30 p.m.
As I parked the car and went inside the house almost drained out .....working for my Boss,my company......for 'my' great future...

[I was] tired of this mundane city life
breathless, at times
rushing for that illusory dream
a mirror existence
beautiful though it may seem
lifeless, at times
satisfying probably an unknown soul.

Lying somewhere in this 'dark' silent corner
trying to find 'myself', when
a faint 'light' fought its way through the 'dark',
I could hear its feeble voice,
whispering to 'run',to 'escape'
from this tedious 'dark',
"far away from this smoky skies and brick walls
there lies a world,
a world of paddy fields,muddy roads and field of rye
where the air smells 'earthy'
travelling on its own 'free will'
the gentle breeze tickling away and
the morning sun playing with you
all day long, retreating to its nest, unwilling,
at the call of dusk the moon rushes hurriedly
to bathe you,to make you ready for the moonlit night
along with those twinkling stars ", muttered the 'light'.

Sensing a bit, trying to grasp to the hilt
what the 'light' meant by the whole
'free will','earthy','muddy roads' and 'paddy fields'
to satisfy my unquenchable city soul
without resistence
for the sake of 'existence';
As the smell of freedom,the will to escape
from the loud sirens to that promised land
as I looked at the faint 'light' for its magical froth
emerged the 'dark' silently
and engulfed us both.

Tuesday,8:30 a.m.
Almost got up late......important meeting at 11:30.........business deal with Mr.X.........Board meeting........working for my Boss,my company......for 'my' great future........Yes 'my' great great future...........a beautiful existence.....but..............!!!!!!!!

A Look at Life......

And then one morning I woke up from the bed and I saw through the window ,
I saw a beautiful butterfly who could fly..........

"...... beautifully crafted wings
spreading like a rainbow
playing like a child
flying like an Angel
reflecting warmth
all over.

A silent arrow
jealous of its glow
kissing through its vein
without warning
without pain
snatching its warmth and
diminishing its glow

A sudden breeze passed by
a silent spectator
Trapped in that zero state
a numb witness
between the morning breeze
the arrow
the butterfly
who could fly
no more........

[ Life----- an ephemeral puzzle
philosophers' trouble
childs' playhouse
and a refugee's last resort

Life -----an actor's stage
insanes' asylum
dreamers' heaven
and a fool's paradise ]

Life indeed is the magical mirror,the timeless watch,a dream within a dream where we are proud of our "Being" as well as scared of our "Existenz"............................!!!!


A thin ray of light
piercing through my world,
a ray of hope
a path to freedom,
a getaway from the dark
and separation from the pain.

Faint memories,
Frozen body , frozen mind,
frozen thoughts,
Prisoner inside my cocoon
wrapped all around,
darkness all around.


If I would be born again !

If I would be born again !
I would come as the 'Gypsy',
as the 'Nomad',
the 'Hippy'
free of thought, free of boundary
Roaming from land to land
discovering humanity.

If I would be born again
I would come as the 'Baloon Man',
as the 'Toy Seller',
the 'Ice cream Vendor'
selling dreams to the children
gazing at their innocence
sharing happiness,
to take them beyond the sky
into the realm of eternity.
If I would be born again
I would come as the 'clown' ,
as the 'Joker',
the 'joer'
Rolling, dandling and dancing
to see the smile in you
transforming all my pain
to movements of utter joy.
If I would be born again
I would come as the'Stranger',
as the 'Free Spirit',
the 'Dreamer'
In the midst of a war cry
I would roam,run and wave
my white bandanna
till the collapse of the human ego
turning the rabble into celebrating souls.
If I would be born again
I would come as the 'Prophet',
as the ' Saint',
the 'Messenger',
Spreading the message of love
and peace.
Sharing shelter with the needy,
land with the peasant,
solace with the insane.

If I would be born again !


...........a moment.........

This beautiful moment, though
would be lost in Time
but nobody could deny ours
of this moment ......

For this moment would surpass
all gravity,
and defy

all relations of Time.


"Existential Lullaby"

"Existential lullaby"

[sounds of hymn:]

Opened the hazy eyes with a Cry
foggy Smile nearby
a little ripple, around
and trumpets abound.

Moving along
with whispering care
fed by
love and care
initiated to 'Moon' and the Sun
and other smiling stars.

Getting familiar with sign,sight and sound
hide-n-seek with all around
sometimes hiding and
sometimes seeking
it used to go on .

Playing life's puzzle game
With a misty opponent
Winning few and losing some
thought I knew......

[ sounds of hymn:]

With fading shehnai,
fading bells and
fading dew
a little ripple around

[ sounds of hymn:]

kissed my eyes
in an Eternal dream.

[ This poem is dedicated to Rai whose timely, small and beautiful comment dragged this lazy blogger to write and post something new.............]


a feeling

[This is not any story in the real sense of the word...but my thoughts which i have encountered on my way home oneday........i hope people reading this will appreciate and understand my feelings in the right earnest. place....bangalore.....the Happenning city of the world]


The BMTC bus stopped as scheduled in Maruthi Mandir bus stop.Yes its my last stop for the day after my class finished around 12:30 p.m.Actually there is a Mandir (Temple)right on the right side of the main road,Maruthi Mandir,which is why it is called so. I was hungry and as I looked around my purse,I found my only lucky coin staring at me,it was my 10 paise coin.Its my lucky coin,I dont remember the exact date when i found it but I fell something special about this 10 paise which was lying down in a dark corner of my house,since then it became my faithful companion.

I then went for the nearest SBI ATM ,its like a "Ginny" to me, whenever I need money I just go there and by clicking few buttons He oblizes me with a charming note.For those of you wondering the source of it,its my mother who is putting the cash in my home town in Agartala.Thinking of the ATM reminds me of the great Magician PC Sarkar the junior from West Bengal.As a kid I was lucky to watch him perform live.In between his Magic tricks he used to lift a Pot( in Bengali it is called "Kalsi",which the village women carry to fetch water) and amazingly water used to flow from it,he used to empty the pot keeping it upside down. He used to keep it in a corner and then carry on with his Magic tricks.After few tricks again he used to lift the pot and amazingly water used to flow from it.He used to call it the "Water Of INDIA".And these used to go on till the end of his wonderful show.Thus the thought of ATM reminds me of Water of India.Though it has got many names like All Time Money,Any Time money,Automatic Telloring machine,etc etc.Infact one lover once said he feels it to be his beloved and defined in his own way by putting ATM as "Anytime Think of Me".

I collected my share of water of India and thanked my Mother for her generosity and then i went to have my lunch in a family hotel just near the road,it was as usual packed.I somehow managed to get my lunch coupon.I started with the "Purri" and "sabji" and then went on for "Sambar" mixed it with rice and lastly the "Rasam" with "papad".I was suffering from the daily "Yes\No Syndrome" whether to eat "Curd" or not.While I was in two minds suddenly my eyes went towards the sound of the drum,a small "Dhol" to call it correctly, being played near the road side.Infact It caught everybodys attention.It was a scene which we often dont see or may be we dont have that much "Faltu Time" to waste for these kind of Gimmicks.

As I was watching, I thought to myself to watch it from there,for going closer and seeing it I have to pay money for which this so called "Gimmick" was all about.But something stuck inside me and I decided to go exactly near them and watch it.My eyes were concentrated on the young girl,who was hardly four or five years of age, not only balanced herself on the rope being tied on both sides with two sticks each, but also she was shaking the rope in harmony with the beats of the drum.She had a Bamboo tied around her neck to balance herself and she was performing one trick after another.She was like the fairy who did not belong to this earth as she was dancing on the rope with such elan. I felt even mother Earth forgot to use her force to pull the girl down seeing her amazing zeal and dedication.She was the centre of attraction for everyone watching there including myself.For few minutes the Earth was under the control of this little princess,yes thats the perfect way to describe her, who had this magical power to take everyones' attention.For people forgot to catch their buses,Salesman stopped selling,a baby who was crying stopped crying.After finishing her amzing skills our princess came down,people started to throw coins on the cloth just below the rope.Even myself who was completely under the magic spell of this little princess,for the first time started seeing around .I saw a little baby of few months sleeping in his little world,and a lady who was playing with an aluminium plate sitting with the man who was playing the little drum.And our little princess, She was running around everywhere to collect whatever money people gave.I gave a ten rupees note to the man and asked his name,though no amount of money in this world could match for the little princess but still "May be she was doing it without eating anything from morning ", I whispered to myself,for they have to do it for their survival,which people like me who doesnt have to worry for food two times a day, with Gods grace and ofcourse never forgetting "Water of India" ,may not understand or for that matter can escape from the scene after enjoyng from a distant calling it a one more "Gimmick". His name was Vinoy and the lady,who was playing along with him,was his wife.The little princess' name was "Geeta" and the sleeping prince was his little brother. It is their small world.They came from Raipur,the capital of Chattisgarh and on asking ,Vinoy told me "We travelled doing this show from Kashmir to Kanya kumari,from Bengal to bombay,whole of India"."It is called "Circus" in Hindi and "DANGCHEGHA" in our own tribal language in Chatthisgarh", Vinoy continued.I shook my hand with him and wished him luck.

As I was on my way to my home I was thinking of this dying Art ,where there is no stage,no advertisement,no promotion to preserve this once ancient Indian Art.WHY SHOULD WE?For we are more comfortable about Multiplexes,shopping Malls and Crossover movies and the likes,where this "Circus" quite doesnt fit in and honestly we dont have Faltu time for such kind of "Gimmicks".

Life goes on. But as a Dreamer and as an Optimist I have this dream where ,oneday Vinoy Would be settled in his life in his hometown of Raipur and have his own stage where trained artists will be performing on stage different ancient forgotten Art form and his wife will be busy making his little prince ready for school .And if one is thinking of our Little princess,well she will also be in school and would be dreaming of becoming a doctor oneday and serve her people.


“Torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky”

“Torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky”

Sitting lonely in the park
A break-away from the similar life
A little away, little far away
From the crowds and the maddening life
A breather,an escape I thought
But wrong I was
Torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky.

Away from the distant noises
Nearer to the songs of birds
Dearer to the whispers of Insects
Life is beautiful I thought
But wrong I was
Torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky.

Hide-n-seek between the shying stars and the street lights
The silent sun was out of my sight
The wind kissing away the flowers
Witnessing the returning birds
Satisfied I felt
But wrong I was
Torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky.

Thinking about the purpose of life
Questioning the existence of my being
Seeing the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’
Do I believe the ‘Truth’ or discard the ‘Untruth’ ?
Am I the hunter or the hunted on this lonely planet?
Whom to trust?
Do I believe in me or myself?
Do I seek solace in 'Life" or asylum in 'Death'?

I am torn between the tiny grass and the mighty sky.


a date with my love

a date with my love - May. 29, 2006 at 02:46 AM
Love.....a beautiful feeling Love has many defintions , described by many from the age of beginning its been there and will be there still the human race is there. I am in love with a beatiful deity called "ART".yes i am blessed to have found her at the peek of my youth.To know the unknown has been a human passion for long.So am i.I am experiencing and discovering life through my beautiful love.Art is Life.I see life when i sketch human form,nature,animals.And i can read the minds of those people who dedicated their life through art.I can feel the pain and satisfaction an artist gets through Art and life as a whole.For me Pain is the most pleasant thing on earth which taught me to view life in a different perspective.I am blessed to kiss her through my sketches,through my thoughts and through my dreams.I can exeprience the eternal orgasm through Art and am always ready to have a date with her....................Fakir,the lover